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SoulTalk Event

Reconnect during these magical evenings while listening to the messages of your soul, translates for you by Jenn. This is a SoulTalk in a group setting and will take place in different locations, ranging from an island to a Mongolian yurt or an old manor house.

Wanna join? 

Private Sessions

Let’s unlock you and eliminate was is holding you back, weighing you down, get rid of your handbrakes, and smash your glass ceiling. Let’s open you up to your full potential. Your SoulMission is waiting for you.

All done in just one session! Curious? 

TrailBlazer Academy

This is my absolute favourite and I am so excited to start again soon. A magical program to reconnect to your feminine intuition to lead your life and business. Ready to step up, make a quantum leap to be who they are meant to be?!

Then this is for you darling! 

‘It is within you, that you seek – Rumi’


Client Love 

Anne de Witte

Owner of Lingerie An
Brasschaat, Belgium

“Meeting lady Jenn changed my life. I rediscovered my sense of purpose, my lingerie shop is booming now in the third generation and I feel my inner strength every day. If you do anything, then work with Jenn, get her in your life and your life will change for the better. It has for me on so many levels. Forever grateful.“

Allene Gibson

Mangawhai, New-Zealand

“We had a deep connection within minutes. Her personality, her ability to share many inspiring and empowering moments and her ‘happy Jen’ magnetically lit up my world. I would encourage you to connect with your life purpose and if Jen is to be part of that journey then you will be in wonderful hands.
Being rewarded with encouragements that reminded me that all souls know a good thing when they ‘feel’ it.
Thank you for your supportive leadership Jenn, look forward to connecting again soon.”

Nienke Koomen

Project Manager

“I never felt I belonged anywhere, never feeling truly alive or engaged and I knew that I could not solve this block myself. During the intake call, her question led directly to the root cause of it all. I felt a lot of energy and connection. The session was pure magic: In true connection, a sacred space, light and free. The block is now gone! Wow! I have seen and felt my true potential! Now it is just a process of making it real, as I FEEL the path I am walking on. A thousand thanks to you Jenn and the beautiful techniques you use to make women like me come alive again.”
Nienke’s LinkedIn

“I got my Mojo Back!”

I am so happy to have met Jenn, through a dear friend of mine, as I have struggled with Tinitus – ear-ringing- for some time now, to such a degree that I thought I had to quit my most precious: playing and creating music on the instruments I love so much. Working with Jenn, I got my mojo back, my power and a reconnected to my sense of positivity. As if I flipped a switch. One word: AMAZING! one thousand thanks to you Jenn. I felt your strength and you had my back, giving me back that light at the end of my tunnel and now I choose to be that light! thank you sooo much!”

Btissame Gharbaouia – Musician – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Living me is the best!”

“It will light up your life in a way you can not imagine, as you connect to your soul working with Jenn. She has a beautiful gift to know you on a deeper level, to tune into you and to help you except the wonderful most amazing soulful parts of yourself, that perhaps the rest of the world does not encourage us to see. The work and the exploration that we have done together, continues to aspire and grow in my life every day, as it shifts and changes and as I apply what she teaches me. Her optimisme and encouragement and guidance, faith in lives journey and all the possibilities it holds, such an encouraging and rare experience. I highly recommend that you embrace this possibility too and connect at an ever deeper level to your own soul.“

Sarah Yates – Speaker and RTT Therapist – Thame, England