Masterclass Unlock!

Following up on the e-book “The Breakthrough!” this Masterclass will give you extra insights, tweaks and a deep-dive and how to make your breakthroughs sustainable and long lasting. Jenn will share how she is supporting her personal growth on a daily basis.   What extra life-hacks she uses and you will have the opportunity to join for a hot-seat session. The Masterclass will be followed by a Q&A session, where you can ask Jenn anything. 

 Your Investment €12.12

Choose one of these dates:




A deep-dive to follow up on the content of the e-book “The Breakthrough”



Live Masterclass

The Masterclass is given LIVE on Zoom for the total duration of one hour. In this hour Jenn will deep-dive into the topic of breaking through. It is an extension to the e-book “The Breakthrough”


Hot Seat

During the Masterclass there will be the opportinuty for one participant to join the hot seat and will be coached live, to breakthough together with Jenn. 



At the end of the Masterclass there will be room for a Q&A with Jenn. Ask her all your questions and she is happy to share from her own experience.