TrailBlazer Tribe

I am going to teach you how to express that enormous drive that is going to help you create a legacy without being held back by your own limiting beliefs. Ready?

You are an ambitious woman who takes responsibility for her life & business. You want to work on a high level of life & a business in which you create a legacy. However, you feel that something is still holding you back. How is it possible that you are still inhibiting yourself? Do you feel that inner drive and know that there is more to it? You get frustrated because you can’t put your finger on it. You are looking for answers and solutions to live up to your full potential, both in business and in life. I will teach you in the Trailblazer membership programme. Welcome to the Trailblazer Tribe! 

This Is You!

  • You feel that there is a bigger plan but you cannot put your finger on what it is yet;
  • You feel that there is more inside you, but you do not know how to get it out;
  • You feel like there is a rubber band around you that is on tension, if you stop moving you will bounce back;
  • There is so much noise, if you put the bose noisecancelling on everything suddenly becomes calm and serene you can achieve this without the headphones;
  • You make decisions based on what’s expected, you don’t want this anymore because you can’t put your own stamp on it;
  • You see the finish line in front of you but you just can’t get over the threshold;
Let's fix this together

In 5 months I will teach you to create the life and business you really love. Without pulling on the handbrake, without exhausting yourself, without energy leaks, without the fear of what everyone will think of you. No holding back no more.

The TrailBlazer Tribe is led by Mrs. Happiness herself, Jennifer van Balkom. She is an Energy Expert, International Speaker and TEDx-Talker. Over a decade of entrepreneurship and over two decades of Happiness Research, Jenn’s mission is to help you realise your greatest potential and use your gifts to change the world.


Trailblazer tribe

Welcome to the  TrailBlazer Tribe

TrailBlazer Academy has 5 Modules, which are build on each other, month after month.

Every Module is segmented in weekly interactive  Masterclasses, supported by easy fill-in templates, an e-workbook, resource lists, and Fun Sheets. All of the training is online inside a private, member only site. You can follow and review the training videos, connect with others, and exchange support with fellow TrailBlazers.

TrailBlazer also includes interactive components like “Open Questions Hours” where Jenn answers questions and offers support and advice to ensure that all TrailBlazers take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

Plus, TWO Life-Events in The Netherlands to get together an in real life, to experience surprise acts, challenges, workshops and more.

For more information on TrailBlazer, and to preview the curriculum, go to the Monthly Modules here.

Trailblazer tribe

How It Works

Online monthly Ladies-Only Program membership

The Tribe is structured in 5 Modules, intertwined and building on each other, to give you the best outcome you could wish for.


UnLock Yourself

Get to know what is holding you back, what keeps you playing small. And learn how to release the blocks, glass ceilings, walls or whatever is keerpin you from unleashing yourself.
Procrastination is a thing of the past. When you know why 😉

Rediscover Joy

This is not a module, but this is the undercurrent of the whole Academy. Rediscovering Joy in all that we do, Re-introducing Joy into your life. This runs deep and will lift your spirit on so many levels.


Flow Finder

Flow is the state of being, where time is irrelevant, where ideas come to you easily and the creation is effortlessly. Flow is living magic now. Do you want more of that?
What can you create then?
Finally having your ideas brought to life?


Bending Time&Reality

Uhn, Jenn now it gets spooky! Nope Bending Time & Reality is a real thing.
We as humans can actually bend time, make it work for us instead of agains us. So you can get your projects done easier and faster…
How is that for a change?

Amplify your Brain

Tuned IN
Tapped IN
Turned ON
Amplify yourself and become unapplogetically YOU.

Money Magic

A complete month will de dedicated to Money Blocks and the release of them, to give yourself space to receive more, give more and go next level on your income. Money Magic indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does TrailBlazer Academy start?

The next Dutch spoken edition is about to start on the 1th of april 2020. The next English spoken edition will start in october 2021.


How much study time do I need to set aside?

Everything taught during the Masterclasses is meticulously designed to be building on each other. Just following and being present during the Masterclasses will bring you insights and inspiration. Any additional study and homework you choose to engage in, brings you more. The more you put in, the more it will return for you. ROI it is 🙂

What if I can not join the online Masterclasses or Open Questions Hour?

Not to worry darling, I have got you covered. Every Masterclass and every Open Questions Hour is recorded and you will be able to access it at any time convenient for you. It is like having an archive of it all, you can re-view at any time.

How long does the TrailBlazer Academy program take?

The complete program takes 5 months in total. And there is a Bonus month before the Kick-Off of The TrailBlazer Academy. So it is actually 6 months 🙂

Can I ask Jenn Questions directly during the program?

Yes of course you can. Within the private group there weekly posts to state your questions or send them in an e-mail. Answers will be given during the “Open Questions Hour” following a Monday Masterclass.

On what Online platforms does this operate?

The TrailBlazer Academy is an online course and is based on interactive Masterclasses and Open Questions Hours. These will be held in a private Zoom-Room. The recordings and all other interaction will be facilitated in a private Facebook Group.

What does the TrailBlazer Academy cost?

A very good question, that depends on wether you want to join the TrailBlazer Academy or if you ant to top up with a VIP Private Coaching Package with Jenn. Feel free to book a call with Jenn, to discover the options.

Can I pay TrailBlazer Academy in instalments?

Yes, we are happy to facilitate that for you, so you can spread the payments over the duration of the course. Payment in full will give you an extra discount. Book your free call with Jenn to get all the details you need.