TrailBlazer Academy

Ignite Your Business with Purpose, Passion, and Profit

Step into your greatness, let your inner TrailBlazer guide you, and watch as Purpose, Passion, and Profit converge to create an unstoppable business, fueling your dreamlife. 

Grab my hand, let’s do this.

It is time!


The English TrailBlazer Academy starts 24th of October 2024

TrailBlazer Kick-Off happening in:








Is this you? 

You are a visionary woman with a burning desire to leave your mark on the world. You take charge of your personal life and business, always striving for excellence. But lately, something has been holding you back. Despite your efforts, progress feels stagnant, and frustration looms. You yearn to break free from playing small and tap into your true potential.

TrailBlazer is your answer. It’s a transformative journey that will reignite your inner fire, infusing purpose, passion into your business to make your profit soar again. Join a warm community of like-minded women who share your drive for greatness. Together, we’ll uncover the beliefs and patterns that have held you back, unleashing your full potential and creating a legacy that inspires generations.

Don’t let doubt and frustration dim your inner flame. Embrace your true TrailBlazer spirit and set your business ablaze. Ignite your life and business today.

Elevate your business and your life and become the TrailBlazer you are meant to be.

Roos Tulen

Experience Artist from Leiden, The Netherlands and TrailBlazer Alumna.

“What I just want to tell you, something unbelievable, beautiful and magical happened to me, because I had a life-changing experience in Love, in Beauty, in Connection, in Money, in every level of my life, because I worked with Jenn!”

“Grab Jenn’s hand and dive in!” 

Hey, that is me!

* You know deep within your soul that there is a bigger plan for you. However, you cannot put your finger on what it is just yet.
* You feel that there is more potential in you than what is coming to the surface, but you do not know how to reach it.
* There is so much noise! When you put noise-canceling headphones on, your inner world suddenly becomes quiet and serene. Knowing that you can also achieve this without the noise-canceling headphones will bring you much more peace within.
* You can see the finish line in front of you, but you cannot get over the threshold.
* You make decisions based on what other people expect of you. You do not want to do this anymore, now is time to express yourself.

Let's change this together

At TrailBlazer Academy, we go beyond the ordinary. Our program combines cutting-edge strategies, personalised coaching, and a supportive community of like-minded women. We’re not just about business; we’re about embracing your unique feminine strengths and infusing love, trust, and authenticity into every aspect of your entrepreneurial journey. Experience a program that empowers you to create a business that is truly a reflection of your soul.

Sounds unreal, right? Well, buckle up darling! There is no holding back no more!

Introducing the TrailBlazer Academy, led by Mrs. Happiness herself, Jennifer van Balkom. With her decades of expertise as a Coach and Lightworker, International Speaker and TEDx-Speaker, Jennifer’s mission is to empower you to create a remarkable impact. Join us to tap into your unique gifts, become a TrailBlazer, and spread love, joy, and positive change.

Trailblazer academy

Welcome to the  TrailBlazer Academy

Welcome to the transformative TrailBlazer Academy, a comprehensive program designed to ignite your business and elevate your life. Let’s dive into the exciting details of what awaits you during your three-month journey:

  1. Progressive Learning: The TrailBlazer Academy consists of five modules carefully designed to build upon each other. With this continuity, allowing you to practice and track your progress. Get ready for an immersive and enjoyable learning experience like never before.
  2. Interactive Masterclasses: Each module is divided into weekly interactive masterclasses, led by Mrs. Happiness herself. Engage with the content, access resource lists, and gain exclusive insights. As a TrailBlazer, you’ll have access to the members-only platform, where you can watch training videos, connect with fellow TrailBlazers, and enjoy valuable support. Get ready for an exciting journey of growth and connection.
  3. Open Questions Hours: We believe in providing unwavering support. That’s why we offer “Open Questions Hours” with Jenn, where you can ask questions, seek guidance, and receive valuable advice. We’re committed to ensuring your success and helping you take consistent action throughout the program.
  4. Expert Sessions: As an added bonus, TrailBlazer Academy brings you three expert sessions from diverse backgrounds. These online workshops will provide you with unique insights and knowledge to further enhance your skills and broaden your perspectives. Prepare to learn from industry leaders and gain valuable expertise.
  5. Private Human Design Reading: To kickstart your journey, you’ll receive a private Human Design Reading during the initial weeks of TrailBlazer. This insightful session will provide you with your personal blueprint, unlocking hidden potentials and guiding you towards alignment in both your business and life. Experience the transformative power of this extra cherry on top.

For a comprehensive overview of the monthly modules and a sneak peek into the curriculum, scroll down and discover how TrailBlazer Academy will revolutionize your business and life.

Join TrailBlazer Academy now and embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your business, expand your life, and empower you to leave a lasting legacy.


Meet Roos, Sophie and Anne, sharing with you, how joining the TrailBlazer Academy has changed their Businesses, their Life and so much more. With an open-heart, calling you to join, dive deep and experience how TrailBlazer elevates your life.

“And Only Magic!”


Trailblazer Academy

How It Works

Online 16 weeks Ladies-Only Program

Here is your TrailBlazer journey: Awaken your full potential.  Gain exclusive access to our transformative program. Ignite the fire within, unlock your true power, and create a business that sets your soul on fire.

UnLock Yourself

Get to know what has been holding you back all this time. What keeps you playing small? Learn how to release what is holding you back. Shatter the glass ceilings, the walls or whatever is keeping you from unleashing yourself. Procrastination is a thing of the past. It is for sure NOT your future.

Rediscover Joy

This is not a specific module, but this is the undercurrent of the whole Trailblazer Academy. Rediscovering Joy in all & everything. Let me help you by reintroducing Joy into your life. The feeling of joy runs deep and will lift your spirit on many levels.


Find Flow

Flow is the state of being, where time is irrelevant, where ideas come to you easily and creation is effortlessly. Flow is living magic right now. Do you want more of that? Do you want magic?
Imagine the possibilities!! 
Finally having your ideas brought to life?


Bend Time&Reality

 ‘Uh, Jenn now it gets spooky!’ Nope, Bending Time & Reality is a real thing. Yes, we can bend time and make it work for us instead of against us. So you can get your projects done easier and faster… How is that for a change?

Amplify the Brain

Tuned IN
Tapped IN
Turned ON
 Amplify yourself and become YOU unapologetically.

Money Magic

A whole month will be dedicated to ‘Money Blocks’ and releasing them. By letting go of your blocks, this will allow you to give yourself space to receive more, give more and go next level with your income! Money Magic for sure my darling!

The Trailblazer Academy is for you if:

You are ready to unleash your full potential and create business that embodies your unique essence

You are an intuitive and soul-centered business owner, and using your inner wisdom

You are driven by the desire to make a positive impact on the world

You reject the status quo and are determined to rewrite the rules of Business and Life on your own terms

You are courageous and open-minded, embracing personal growth and continuous learning

You want to base your businesses on love, authenticity, and positive impact

You seek a supportive community of like-minded souls on a spiritual quest of self-discovery and contributing to a better world.

    This is what i need!

    Sophie van Os

    Entrepeneur and film-maker from Haarlem, The Netherlands.

    “I experienced a journey of glitter, love and knockledge and to rememebr to live my life and be me again! Please call Jenn and do this. You are worth it!”

    Trailblazer Academy

    This is included in the Program

    Experience the power of our dynamic  Ladies-Only Program, meticulously crafted into 5-modules to maximize your learning and deliver exceptional results.


    This is where the magic happens! Every Monday, we kick the week off together as a group followed by a Masterclass. The Masterclass will be aligned with the Modules mentioned above, Jenn sharing the knowledge, #howto, and exercises. So we can work on building stepping stones guiding you to the next level in your Life and Business. 

    Open Questions Hour

      During the Open Questions Hour you can ask all your questions to Jenn. They can vary from asking her what she has done to build her business to asking something about the Academy. If something is unclear or you want to get more insight on, you can ask Jenn. There is no such thing as weird questions! 

    Celebration Friday

    Sharing the succes and milestones we achieved. Celebrating together is such a powerful way to support, cheer and feel the next levels we are creating.

    This is powerful beyond believe! 

    The sisterhood of TrailBlazer.


    Expert Sessions

    During TrailBlazer 3 different Experts will provide workshops from their field of expertise, to give extra input, knowledge and #howto. Examples are: systemic constellation, Feminine Leadership Speaking, Cacao Ceremony

    Private Human Design Reading

    My Human Design reading was life-changing for me. It gave me insights into my behavior, my being, and my mission in life. These are insights I wish for every TrailBlazer, therefore we will start with a private Human Design reading for everyone.


    To start TrailBlazer off, a box of goodies and joy is waiting to be delivered to you! This box is your start and, everything you’ll need and what will support you during TrailBlazer.

    In true Jenn-style, dusted in glitter 🙂

    If not now, then when, my darling?
    are you ready?

    Rise Sister Rise

    Do you feel the heavy energy being lifted from your shoulders as you read along?

    That feeling is your soul calling you to take action. If not now then when my darling?

    Your investment in TrailBlazer Academy
    € 5500.- (ex.vat) 

    Upgrade to VIP Adventure Pack + € 2500.- (ex.vat) 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When does TrailBlazer Academy start?

    The next English spoken edition is about to start on the 24th of October 2024. Applications are now open. I love to answer all your questions in a private call with you:


    How much study time do I need to set aside?

    Everything taught during the Masterclasses is meticulously designed to be building on each other. Just following along and being present during the Masterclasses will bring you insights and inspiration. Any additional study and homework you choose to engage in will benefit you more. The more you put in, the more it will return for you. ROI it is 🙂

    What if I can not join the online Masterclasses or Open Questions Hour?

    Not to worry darling! I’ve got you covered. Every Masterclass and every Open Questions Hour will be recorded, and you will be able to access it at any time convenient for you. It is like having an archive of it all. You can review it at any time. The recordings will be available to you for up to 1 year after your TrailBlazer Program has been completed. Your own Library!

    How long does the TrailBlazer Academy program take?

    The complete program takes four months in total. This includes weekly Masterclasses, Open Question Hours, Celebration Friday, 4 ExpertSessions, and for sure more surprises Jenn has up her sleeves.  

    Is TrailBlazer Academy for ladies only? Why?

    Yes, TrailBlazer Academy is for ladies who want to leave a legacy! Ladies who are ready to go next level, to achieve more, and who thrive for building their vision. Not to forget, who take responsibility for their lives and activities. Ladies only, because we are somewhat wired differently. Therefore, everything is connected: Life & Business & Ourselves. So what better than a safehaven just for us sisters?

    When are the LIVE days of TrailBlazer?

    Within this course, all TrailBlazers will be offered 3 LIVE days. These are now sceduled on 4th November, 2nd of December, 6th of January.  

    Can I ask Jenn Questions directly during the program?

    Yes of course you can. Within the private Facebook group, there will be weekly posts to state your questions or you can send them in an e-mail. Answers will be given during the “Open Questions Hour” following the Monday Masterclass. 

    On what Online platforms does this operate?

    The TrailBlazer Academy is a hybrid course based on interactive Online  Masterclasses and Open Questions Hours. These will be held in a private Zoom-Room. Recordings and all other interactions will be facilitated on a private platform, and communication will be through a Private Facebook Group and e-mail. 

    What does the TrailBlazer Academy cost?

    Great question. The total investment depends on whether you only want to join the TrailBlazer Academy or if you would like to top up your TrailBlazer journey with the VIP Adventure Pack with Jenn. Feel freesend a mail to to get all the details and options.

    EarlyBird Investment is €5500.- (ex VAT) until 1st of October. 

    Then the investment will go up to €5900.- (ex VAT) 

    And the VIP Adventure Pack is a top-up of €2500.- (ex VAT)


    Can I pay TrailBlazer Academy in instalments?

    Yes, we are happy to facilitate that for you! You can spread the payments throughout the duration of course, to a total of 5 instalments. An admin surcharge does apply: 7% of the total amount ex VAT. Send an email to to request the possibilities.

    Does TrailBlazer Academy have an application process?

    Yes, we do! And breathe darling as it is as simple as having a coffee & a chat with Jenn online. That’s it!
    The reason for the application call is that we want to have a level playing field, that the TrailBlazer ladies are carved from the same wood, take responsibilities for their lives and act accordingly. So we create a true haven of like-minded and like-spirited amazing women.
    Are you in? Book your coffee date with Jenn here: Hello

    Anne de Witte

    Owner in second generation Lingerie Shop Ann

    “TrailBlazer has brought me to where I am today, together with the amazing ladies. Together we can do better, together we can create more! The most amazing thing to do is to become the woman you are meant to be.”

    *Special announcement: TrailBlazer ScholarShip

    For the upcoming TrailBlazer Academy, there are two Scholarships available. Yes, this is the entire TrailBlazer Academy free of charge, gifted to two amazing ladies, who are young and talented, who long for knowledge and know-how to go next level. I am sure you know such great talent, possibly a bit green behind the ears. However, just not in the position to pay for the TrailBlazer Academy yet. Then this is your chance to apply them or even better: this is their chance! Two full Scholarships for The TrailBlazer Academy are up for grabs.


    Applications are open as of today. These are the specs:
    * Female Entrepreneur (in the making) – just started or about to start her business.
    * Age between 18 and 30 years young.
    * Ready to go next level in their life and biz, by sponging up all they need.
    * Assertive, no-nonsense approach, open-minded, and up for a challenge.

    Who do you know in your surroundings that needs to be TrailBlazed? Who would you like to give this opportunity to?
    Call them, text them, find them! How to apply:
    The application process for the Scholarship, (for the TrailBlazer-to-be-lady): Send a video showing who you are, why you want to apply for the TrailBlazer Academy, and what going next level means for you personally and for your (future) business.

     All applications need to be submitted before Tuesday 1st of October to The new Scholars will be notified within the second week of May and will be given a free Scholarship to start TrailBlazer Academy on the 17th of May.

    Good Luck! I am looking forward to meeting you.

    Send your application here