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Together we make it happen

Mrs. Happiness

Like a Boss

For over 10 years I have been building and creating my business. Many of those years I was doing everything by myself, yes everything. By now I can build websites, write code and set up online strategies, do my admin and taxes and so much more. All of this is the foundation for my business, but not the essence of my business. 

When starting a business, there is this believe that we only do what we love. Well, yes and no, as there are many things that need to get done to do what you love, and it is more than you might think.  

“When is the right time to work with a team?” 

Honestly I started way too late. Hours and hours of figuring it all out myself, while there are people that already have the skill I was trying to acquire. And on top of that they are really good at it, because they love what they do. 

I love what I do, so hire people that love what they do and the mix of that is magic and leads to the best results, for your business as well as theirs. Let me introduce you to my dream-team:

it takes a village to raise a Business

This is my #teamJenn

Sam Roobol

PA & Planning Ninja

Sam, started as an intern and by now is a deeply valued member if my team. She is super in planning and reminds me of those things that slip my mind. She is 18 and recently started her own business with her twin-sister Kiki.

Kim Laurens

PA & Administration

She lights up like a Christmas-tree, when she receives receipts, invoices and dockets, bringing sense into my admin and takes care of all the numbers, so I can keep grip on my finances.

Jaimey Groot


The amazing video’s you see on my site, for example the compilation of testimonials of the TrailBlazer Ladies, was recorded, edited and designed by Jaimey. Her background is in documentary filmmaking and she has a warm style, which I love.

Stephanie Lemke


We shared our toys when we were little and now she does all the designs. It all started with my first logo 10 years ago and we just finished the new Morning Rituals Design.  I love her style: Clean, sharp and with precision.

Corine van Donselaar

Accountant – KG certified

Corine keeps her finger on my financial heartbeat. She does my books and taxes and everything to keep this discalculia on the right track. Together we set up strategies, funding and budgets for all the crazy ideas I have.

Natascha Roobol

Customer- & Event Support

This ladies is a magician in coordinating all the little details of planning an event and she is probably the one who answered the e-mails you send me. 🙂

Jacobien Vermande

Sketch artist 

She makes amazing summary drawings of the Masterclasses that I teach. An overview of everything that has been discussed with wonderful sketches. An artist like no other and I love that we designed a set of energy cards together.

Roos Tulen

Experience Artist

This lady keeps me on my artistic toes, lets my creative juices flow and pushes me to become more and better then I have ever dreamed of. 

Roos Tulen

Brigitte Krüger


Together with Brigitte the Chocolate and Cacao ceremonies are hosted. She has been connected to the sound-healing for decades and has travelled the world to perform, heal and teach. 

Her interview with sWOW

Judith Edel

Oil Ninja

She knows everything about essential oils and is my go -to supplier for those joys in a bottle.

Pure Direction

Mariska Corbeel

Team Events 

This business starter and Happiness Coach, wants to increase her skills by contributing her skills of organising events. You will meet her for sure during the live events.

Mariska Corbeel

Mawada Shawesh

Team Events

From Libya, speaking 4 languages, she is a true International Intern to progress on her International Business Education atROC MiddenNederland. 


Milla Kuhto


I love Milla for her amazing portret shots and her pictures are on my business cards and yes that famous green dress shot, is hers.

Milla Kuhto

Satijn Panyigay


She catches light in her pictures, which is next level. I am drinking coffee in one of her pictures.


Ilja Verstraten

Event Photography

She can catch emotions in a picture, like no other and is my go to lady for the events.

Ilja Verstraten Website

At every event we have an amazing team of volunteers called the Angle Crew. Setting up the events, supporting the participants and getting a unique insight into the rituals behind the scenes.  

Together we are building the world we all want to live in: Free, while being your unique self. 

Join the Angle Crew, a close knit tribe of spiritual people, ready to make this earth a better place. 

Jenn is working on different projects where you will be invited to participate and she always has special offers for the Angels. 

Ready for adventure? 


You will learn: 

  • working in a team of like-minded people
  • communication skills 
  • all angles of big events
  • depth in you spiritual path
  • insight in ceremonies and rituals
  • having loads of fun while giving back