Learn to speak like a Pro

Speak UP

Do you want to…

– Tell your story to a large audience without having a blackout?

– Give a training where the audience hang on to your every word?

– Grab that red dot and give your personal TEDtalk?

– Record powerful videos for your online training course?

– And get booked as a speaker?

Then SpeakUp is for you.

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Find your own voice!

Learning to speak is learning to express who you really are, what you stand for and what your passion is.

Learning to speak is discovering what your mission is and learning to stand up for it.

Learning to speak up is standing up for yourself and having the courage to tell your story, to share your past, the pain, the sorrow, the loneliness. Because that is your gold, that has made you who you are today.

Learning to speak is passing on your story and the lessons you have learnt so that you can inspire others.

Learning to speak is having the courage to discover yourself.

Learning to speak is finding your voice again. That feeling is so liberating!

In this course, I will take you on a journey. Real speaking starts within you, the #howto helps you make it easier. For that, I have 5 modules with applicable tips for you. Know what you’re getting into! Speaking is addictive ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Tricks of the Trade

After almost 12 years as an international speaker and a TED talk, I will teach you all the tricks of the trade in this online training. We will talk about:

– the structure of a lecture;
– speaking without notes in your hand;
– the psychological impact of colour choices;
– make-up & clothing;
– how to make a good pitch;
– how to qualify for a TEDx and what it takes to do so.

I will also teach you all my tips, tools and techniques on using your voice and leveraging a stage for a performance with impact.

Being a good speaker is pure magic.

Touching your audience in a few words, humour at the right moment, playfully alternating with the content and concluding with the message you want to convey. All within 1 minute.

And doing it so well that the pitch and your message stick, so that you are addressed from all sides during the drinks afterwards. In a good way ๐Ÿ˜‰

That takes practice, practice and practice. But this can be accelerated by a touch of magic, setting pure intentions and thus opening up your words to more dimensions.

There is much more than meets the eye… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speak up

This is the best and most complete online course I have ever created.

This training offers the complete basis for every speaker: from novice vloggers and the speech at grandma’s 80th, to the ambitious chairman of the day and training for Entrepreneurs. Each module expands your knowledge and skills and gives you practical tips and tools that you can put to use immediately. I have also added a module in which you learn how to become a paid speaker and what to look out for. And in a bonus module, we take a deep-dive into TEDx. From registration to pitch, everything so you can shine on that red dot. PLEASE NOTE: This entire course and the live weekend are in ENGLISH!

Creating Videos and more

Learn to speak like a PRO. For online and offline events, trainings, lectures and workshops. Create killer content for your own trainings, improve your teaching skills and yes, everything you learn here you can also use to make videos and podcasts for your own social media channels.

Whatever form you want to convey your words in, I’ll teach you to do it with Charisma, Fun and Sparkle.

โ€œMagic Presence!โ€


Speak Up with confidence

How It Works

Speak UP is an online training course made up of 5 modules. Successive and connected to each other so that when you have finished the training you will have built a complete foundation for yourself as a speaker. These 5 modules are taught in 7 daily 1.5-hour Masterclasses.


UnLock Yourself

Get clear for yourself who you are and thus what kind of speaker you want to become. Put the words of your purpose or business mission into the right words to come up with a perfect elevator pitch.


Rediscover Joy

Learn to enjoy speaking again and learn the tools to keep you focused while speaking. The more fun you have, the easier it will be and the nicer the experience will be.

Speaking is fun!


Tools & Tips

You will learn the intricacies of the business. From lighting to sound, from taking care of your voice to making the most of your stage and from constructing your lines to making a perfect pitch.



Give a pitch within 1 minute, tell your story within 7 minutes so it sticks, or do your TEDtalk within 20 min. Time is an important factor and in this module you will learn how to deal with it without stressing out.


In the spotlight

Being in the spotlight, having all the attention on you, is more frightening than dying for most people.

But you will learn to enjoy it รกnd that without any blackouts.



Money Making

How can you make money with the speakership? Just by telling my story? UH yeah… And it pays veeeery well!

You’ll learn that in this module!

Speak UP is for if you:

* want to learn to share your story without uuhhmm and ehm’s;

* want to feel confident when you are in the spotlight;

* want to have a good pitch worked out that you can give over and over again with passion and joy;

* want to learn how to make money with your story

* want to learn how to make money with your story;
* dream of giving your own TEDx;

This is what i need!
Speak Up with confidence

This is included in the course


5 Modules

Everything you need to become a good speaker in 5 modules. From building your videos and comprehensive texts, to pitching and #howto make money speaking.


Q&A calls

The place to ask all your questions and learn from the others in this group. Speak UP includes 3 live online Q&A calls on 17, 20 and 22 March following the Masterclass. In which you will get live answers from Jenn to all your questions.


Upgrade Live-weekend

If you want more live interaction, you should book the live weekend following the online course. Then you will have the opportunity to practise live in a group, get immediate feedback from Jenn and lunch is included.

Check FAQ for dates and details



Speaker Community

It is so nice to meet others who are also speakers to want to become speakers. The exchange, helping each other, expanding your network and thus finding new colleagues and who knows, friends. This is a real added value.


Learn in your Pace

Since all Masterclasses are recorded, you can learn everything at your own time and pace. Are you a night owl, want to binge videos in bed or are you LIVE kinda learner anyway… with this online Masterclass training you can set your own pace.



Knowing myself, there’s always something extra: maybe an expert masterclass or a book list or something else….
Always in true Jenn-style, dusted in glitter๐Ÿ™‚

are you ready?

Are you feeling the jitters too?

Then it’s time to say YES, yes to yourself, yes to your story

and yes to becoming a wonderfully relaxed you-style speaker.

Your investment in Speak UP

This Early Bird price is valid until 20th of July:
โ‚ฌ 277.- (excl VAT)

Upgrade Live weekend + โ‚ฌ 277.- (excl VAT)


Frequently Asked Questions

When does SpeakUP start?

The first Masterclass of a total of five modules will be held on Friday 15 March.


How much study time should I set aside for this?

Everything taught in the modules is carefully designed to build on each other. By following these and attending the CommunityCalls, you will gain insights and inspiration. Any extra study time and homework you choose to schedule for this will be to your benefit. The more you put in, the more you get in return. ROI it is ๐Ÿ™‚

What if I cannot attend the Masterclasses or Q&A?

All calls are recorded and posted in the learning environment. This gives you an archive in which you can always find all information. All modules and calls can be viewed at any time. All recordings and modules are available for 3 months after the SpeakUP programme. So you have your own library!

How long is the SpeakUP programme?

An online Masterclass will be held every day for 7 days (with one implementation day, no Masterclass on 18th of march), with a subsequent Live Weekend. The three Q&A Calls fall within the first 7 days and are consecutive to the Masterclasses. And knowing Jenn, she has some surprises in store for you.

Live Weekend

Following the online course there will be a LIVE weekend in Amsterdam. this will give you the chance to put all you have learned into action.

Dates: 23 – 24th March in Amsterdam (10AM – 6 PM)

You can book the online course and Live event, through the button below

Can I ask Jenn questions directly during the SpeakUP Programme?

Yes of course you can. You have the option of emailing Jenn with your questions. From all the questions she receives, a selection will be made which will then be discussed during the Q&A calls. During these calls, there will also be the opportunity to ask live questions. The 3 Q&A calls follow the Masterclasses and are on 17, 20. and 22 March from 12:30 – 13:00.

On which online platform does the course take place?

The SpeakUP Programme is an online course of 5 modules, given as a 1.5-hour Masterclass combined with live Q&A Calls. All modules can be found in a private learning environment, Jenn’s academy. The calls take place on Zoom and you will find the recordings back in the Academy within 24 hours.

What does SpeakUP cost?

That’s a good question! The online course itself costs โ‚ฌ277.- excl VAT. If you go for the speaker package, then a Live day will be added for +โ‚ฌ277.-. excl VAT. This is the early bird price until 25/2, after that the price goes up. If you have your own business then you can claim this as a training cost and get the VAT back ๐Ÿ™‚

Can I pay SpeakUP in instalments?

By paying in one go, you will receive a discount. If you would like to take advantage of paying in parts, please contact us at team@jennifervanbalkom.com.