Live SoulTalk

soulreading Evening

Welcome to SoulTalk Live

An evening to connect to your Soul and explore all the messages it has in store for you. As the soul is the keeper of your blueprint for life, it stores your soulpurpose and has answers to all your questions.

Hearing those messages is not easy, as life gets busy and distracts us form all that goodness. To reconnect, learn to hear clearly and having as translater, makes it all a whole lot easier.

Join us for a Live SoulTalk, hosted in different locations, ranging from an Mongolian yurt to a private island or out in the woods. Add a campfire to enhance the magic and we are good to go.

Let’s get together, connect to the magic and tune into the whisperings of the soul.

Upcoming events & links:
7th of March in Amsterdam
24th of April in Leerdam (fully booked)
23rd of May in Amsterdam
21st of June in Nederhorst den Berg (fully booked)
15th of November in a yurt in Liempde

What is a SoulTalk?

Connect to your soul and listen to her whispers, do you hear the messages she has for you? Your soul speaks to you all day, but it is usually difficult to understand due to the hustle and bustle of the day.

Your soul has your blue print, she knows your destination and goals and what steps you can take to achieve them. It ain’t easy to understand her at times, so Jenn is here to translate her whispers for you.

And evening full of answers, with an added dose of humour and a big sprinkle of magic. What answers are you seeking?

Welcome to the Full/New Moon
Soultalk Live


Near the venues, there is always the possibility of easy parking with plenty of space. It is often only a short walk to the venue. Details can be found in your confirmation e-mail.



If you choose Bussum, then you are welcome in a beautiful Mongolian Yurt.

In Weesp, the SoulTalk will take place at Judith’s home, my lovely Oil Ninja.

Choosing for Amsterdam, then you will take a seat on the couch at my place ๐Ÿ™‚



You are welcome at the venue as of 18:30 and we will start at 19:00. Around 22:30, we will wrap up together.


What to bring?

If you come to Bussum and the yurt, dress in layers as the temperature can vary quite a bit. For the rest bring a scarf or extra jumper and you are good to go ๐Ÿ™‚

We will have coffee, tea and goodies ready for you.



For the whole evening, incl. sweets and refreshments the investment is โ‚ฌ57.- p.p.

Please note!
Limited number of tickets are on offer.



Yes, there are cookies and, of course, delicious chocolate. There will also be water, tea and coffee.

So all that is taken care of.

‘It is within you, that you seek’ – Rumi