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This is for you, if you want to re-watch that one favourite bit, or if you just missed that one answer, or you could not join that particular session, then these are for you. 

Watch and re-watch as many times as you like, share you AHA-moments and pass them on. So we can spread that good energy, share and give, so we make it a little bit brighter and easier for ourselves and all those around us. 

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Recordings ‘Double your Energy’ Masterclasses

Day 1 – Pre-Party 

The very first day and therefore the kick-off of the Masterclass Series ‘Double your Energy’.

What a wonderful start and already I can feel the energy bubbling. Yes, that is what we are doing it for! More please! 

Hot Topic: The 3 basic elements needed to realise what you want: Language, Focus and Physical/Body. 

Exercises: Pointing with your finger, Tasting lemons and Power-posing.

Aha-moments: You can do so much more than you think 🙂  

Day 2 – Deep-Dive Energy

On this second day of the ‘Double your Energy’ Master Class Series, it is all about energy. Where are your energy leaks, what gives you energy and how can you find a good balance for you.
Hot Topic: Energy leaks can be divided into three categories: Time, Worrying and Remembering.

Aha-moments: Light casts a shadow, but has no shadow.

Day 3 – UnLock Yourself

On this third evening of the ‘Double your Energy’ Master Class Series, we talked about handbrakes. Yes, the one with which you sabotage and hold yourself back, or do you know it more as procrastination? What is it exactly? How do you do it and what can you do about it to solve it! Watch the magic unfold in Alex’s live coaching, where her no motivation switches to a joy and a big smile. Don’t believe it? Watch the recording back in the link on the left.
Hot Topic: Handbrakes cost soooo much energy.

Exercises: Make a list of all your handbrakes.

Aha-moments: The difference between an emotion and a feeling is 4 sec.

Day 4 – Amplify your Brain

On this fourth evening of the Masterclass Series ‘Double your Energy’, we will talk about the Life-Hacks to make your brain work for you. To deal with the voices in your head and make room to feel your true potential again. And some crazy dancing!  Watch the recording in the link on the left. 

Hot Topic: The word NOT your brain can’t handle. 

Exercises: A very crazy dance!

Aha-moments: Alex <3  

Day 5 – Flow Finder

This is the last evening of the ‘Double your Energy’ Master Class Series. Now everything comes together. The layers, the connections and we have made the first steps towards your Master plan. Your internal light is back on, so that you can and will take the step you have been feeling for a long time. You can do this! Watch the recording in the link on the left.

Hot Topic: your Master plan: Do you want to become?

Exercises: The firefly meditation

Aha-moments: All the light you already have in you. <3

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