Your Private SoulTalk

What is holding you back?

Let’s UnLock you, let’s eliminate was is holding you back, weighing you down, get rid of handbrakes, and smash your glass ceiling. Let’s lower the threshold, break through the walls and open up to your full potential.

Darling, you have been holding yourself back for far too long. Playing small, hiding and OMG you are an expert in building that wall that surrounds you now. Keeping you safe.

Did you know that this wall doesn’t only keep you safe, but also keeps people out and imprisons your too?! It has been limiting you and it is time: Yes, you know my darling, it has been long enough.

Grab my hand, let’s do this.

It is time!


Choose your

Private SoulTalk Coaching


This is quick and easy Online Session. Half an hour to check in on a specific question or situation you are experiencing.

During the Online call I can check into your energy and help you navigate the situation and/or give you answers you need to continue. 

SoulTalk Reading in 1/2 hour

SoulTalk Breakthrough

Eliminate and dissolve whatever is holding you back. Release your old patterns. Reconnect to your SoulPurpose and feel what you are here to do. Unleash you! 

In just one session we explore the source of what is holding you back and dissolve it, so you can step into your essence.

2 hour session, incl questionnaire and a check-in call of 20min. 

SoulTalk VIP Coaching

This is a full-on 3 month coaching to discover who you truly are, define your SoulPurpose and make it work. 

This is for true TrailBlazers who are ready to set up the legacy they are ment to built and share. Together releasing any and all that is holding you back and building your DreamLife and Business. 

3 month 1:1 individually designed

Is this you?

* Something is holding you back, like a bungee cord attached somewhere, and the more effort you put it, the moment you let go, you a flung back… so frustrating. And you can’t seem to find where this darn cord is attached.

* The energy it costs you is beyond measure, the struggle is massive and it just does not stop!

* You have tried so many things to make it stop, push through, build muscle, scream it away and going full push at it… and it is still there, like a big bad black block strapped to your feet.

* You are tired, no exhausted from it all, and you want it gone! Now!

The soultalk experiences
Client Love

“Mijn bedrijf liep al lekker maar ik voelde aan alles dat ik nog wat ‘shit’ had op te ruimen om grote stappen te kunnen zetten. Iets hield mij nog tegen en dat iets was ikzelf natuurlijk.  Ik kwam Jennifer al een tijd geleden tegen en wist toen gelijk dat zij iets voor mij kon betekenen dus boekte ik de 1 op 1 Soultalk. Het is haast te moeilijk om te omschrijven hoe dat was. Intens, amazing, waanzinnig! Na 1 sessie was ik zo opgelucht. Vanaf dat moment heeft er een verandering plaatsgevonden. Het ging weer stromen en ik zat mijzelf niet meer in de weg. Jennifer is amazing, liefdevol en ik voelde mij gelijk op mijn gemak bij haar. Ik zou iedereen aanraden een 1 op 1 sessie met Jen te boeken, het resultaat is het dubbel en dwars waard!” 

Anouk Jose Drayer

No-Nosense Businessmentor


“De originele “ik” is tevoorschijn gekomen.

Het kostte mij erg veel tijd en energie om bezig te zijn met wat anderen misschien wel van mij vonden, met name als startende ondernemer. Dit was de aanleiding om een SoulTalk session bij Jenn te boeken.

Het werd een transformatie waarbij ik eerst terug ging naar een moment heel lang geleden. Het was een soort reshuffelen van mijn zijn. Nu voel ik mij heel stevig in mijn innerlijke stilte en het is goed. Ik ben dichter bij mijn origineel, ik voel mij vrijer en lichter. Er spoken geen oordelen van anderen meer door mijn hoofd. Oude patronen heb ik los kunnen laten en ik voel me terug gezakt in mijzelf. Wow wat een ervaring! Dank je wel lieve Jennifer voor deze SoulTalk session die mij veel gebracht heeft.” 

Joy Rijkeboer

JOYVitality-Meer JOY in je leven!

Hey, that is me!

* You know deep within your soul that there is something holding you back and you cannot put your finger on what it is just yet.
* You feel that there is more in you than what is coming to the surface.
* Procrastination is your Middle-name. 
* You have tried just about everything and nothing seems to work.

Let's fix this together

Let’s have that 1:1 private session. Just you and me! 

Gently exploring what has been holding you back. You probably have an idea or or a vage feeling or you have no clue what so ever, then you are at the right adres.  The more vage the better! This is my specialty. 

“But Jenn, how come I can’t get rid of it? Where does it come from? How to release it? What the bleep is it?”

Let’s go and find the root-cause. Where it comes from, the absolute beginning of it all and pull it out! All the way! To clear, to clean and to release it all. 

I am not one to peel, shave of go layer by layer, I go deep! Right to the core and grab that thing by the roots. Gone! 


Gone? for real?Yes, let’s release and let go!

Yes, for real! This is what a SoulTalk is:

Finding the Root-Cause of what ever is holding you back. Defining it and releasing it, so you can live the life you deserve. The life you always dreamed of, not having what is holding you back. Together we will find the Root-Cause and then re-write your history. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, that is what true releasing is and therefore eliminating it. You will love it! 

Do you want to know more? Then book a coffee date with me. Yes it is free, just bring your own coffee and we meet online here:

Private Soultalk 
How It Works

One-time session online of Real-Life

You will have excess to my kalender and book a SoulTalk date to your convenience. Then I will send you a Questionnaire to get the initial idea of what is holding you back and to start the process for you. Next we will meet, live or online, and both work equally well. I will send you a list to prepare and then we can start. It takes up to 2 hours and we are done and dusted. Yes for real!  


UnLock Yourself

Get to know what has been holding you back all this time. What keeps you playing small? Learn how to release the blocks, glass ceilings, walls, or whatever is holding you down from unleashing yourself. Procrastination is a thing of the past. It is NOT your future.

Rediscover You

Reconnect to your mission, and your true potential in life, you are amazing, have you felt that lately? 


Make that Change

By rewriting the history of the root-cause of what has been holding you back, it will change for good. It is up to you to make that Change, and by you reading this, I know you are ready. 

The Private SoulTalk is for you if:

You are fed up by what is keeps you from living your dream-life.

* If you can not put your finger on what it is exactly that is holding you back.

* If it all seems so bleeping complex, difficult, confusing and frustrating to the max.

* If you want it gone gone gone! 

This is what i need!
are you ready?

Can you already feel that tingly feeling inside you?

Do you feel the heavy energy being lifted from your shoulders as you read along?

That feeling, is your soul calling you to take action. If not now then when?

Your investment:
SoulTalk 1/2 hour €98.- 
SoulTalk Breakthrough € 477.- 
SoulTalk VIP Coaching -on request-