Hey, I'm Jenn

Mrs. Happiness

Mrs. Happiness

A Force for Joy

Get ready to meet Jenn, the ultimate embodiment of breaking free from labels and expectations. A true freak-genius Generator 1/3, fueled by an unwavering ambition and a crystal-clear mission.

But here’s what sets Jenn apart – she’s a fearless rebel teacher, ready to lead her tribe to the essence of life. When you turn to her for guidance, brace yourself for unfiltered truth and no-nonsense advice. Her Bullshit Radar is unmatched, and she’s here to offer genuine, heartfelt support. But let me tell you, her love and warmth are the secret sauce that make her kick-in-the-butt approach feel like a warm embrace.

Is this the way?

Amidst the apparent certainty of those around me, I felt trapped in an endless cycle of sleep, eat, work, and seek fleeting entertainment. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to succumb to the allure of chasing unfulfilling goals. I, too, fell prey to that deceptive cycle, relentlessly driving myself to exhaustion. But even amidst my accomplishments, I realised my soul yearned for something more. I had become a mere shadow of my true self, as my deepest desires and passions faded away under the weight of societal expectations. Oh, how I longed to radiate with brilliance and sparkle! But where does one even begin?

Buried or planted?
Being engolved in darkness, no way out or caught in an endless circle, it seems like all is lost. I feel you Sister! Just a thought: What if you are not buried, but what if you are planted, ready to sprout, grow and rise?!

Rise to who you are ment to be, rise to be you, rise to declare your deep love for life?!

Never ending learning: Credentials and Certifications

As a Certified Coach, Trainer, NLP Master, and International Speaker, I proudly embody the essence of a passionate Solopreneur and fully-fledged Joy Junkie. My ventures have taken me around the globe.

♥ Owner & founder of  LifeEngineer since 2011
♥ Cacao Ritual and ChocoHeights facilitator
♥ Certified Advanced Theta Healer by Cari Elias
♥ TEDx Speaker & Coach for TEDx Amstelveen
♥ Time Line Therapy Practitioner
Crew member since 2014 for Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” London & Singapore and “Business Mastery” Amsterdam& Rotterdam
♥ 2013 first event  “Unleash the Power within” with Tony Robbins in London
♥ NLP Master since 2012 at  NLP Academie
Fan of B-school by Marie Forleo since 2012
Graduated Hotelmanagement The Hague

Stars in My Professional Constellation

☾ TEDx Speaker “How to connect to your true self”
☾ Teacher and Creator ‘Certified Happiness Coach for Sonnevelt Opleidingen 
☾ Workshops for Booking.com, Rijksoverheid, Succesgids, Amsterdam FilmSchool, Unilever and many more
☾ Coaching summit for Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
☾ Speaker and Host for annual events ‘Make it Happen’ and “Women make it Happen’ in Stavanger, Norway. 
☾ Co-Founder of online interview platform “Woman of the World”
MC for countless national and international events and seminars 

Get to know me

Totally random things about Jenn

FreeRiding Skiing

The freedom being in the mountains, the creaking of the fresh snow underneath me, the sharpness of the frosty air in my lungs, looking down over the virgin powder ready to be conquered. This is my kind of heaven. #pow


These ladies keep me sane, keep me aligned and remind me that I am on the right track. Find your tribe and love them hard! This is my Sisterhood. #birthdayluncheon

Nail Polish is da Bomb

Admitting to my nail-polish fetish here. The best have loads of  sparkles in it and yes I do use different colours on different fingers. Oh, Life in colour is way more fun.

Giving back- Tony Tribe

I have been a Tony Robbins Fan since the 90’s and  I have not only attend his seminars but am now proud to be a crew member and serve the participants from behind the scene. It is such a joy to be in this tribe of outstanding humans. Wow Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Australia, count me in.

I burn food to a crisp

Looove food, specially spicy and Asian and anything new I have not tried yet and I enjoy my choice for going vegan 5 years ago. Cooking is just not my forte and I am known for letting spagetti catch on fire. My advise to you, run when I invite you for dinner or better even, cook for me 🙂

Nomade Life

I love to travel and experience different cultures trough food and eat, eat, eat, try, taste, sip, slurp, munch and nibble. Even did a stopover in Shanghai just to experience noodlesoup.

The Heartbreak that Transformed my Life

Today, with unwavering vulnerability, I share a part of my journey that has forever transformed me. Thirteen years ago, I experienced the heart-wrenching loss of my precious baby, Liam. I share this deeply personal story to assure you that in your moments of suffering, you are never alone. Even in the darkest of times, there is magic waiting to be unveiled. Trust me, happiness will find you again. Sometimes, all it takes is a helping hand to rekindle your imagination and rediscover the boundlessness that lies ahead.

Your Scars Are Sacred Testimonies

Believe it or not, your scars hold extraordinary power, even if you can’t perceive it right now. I understand the burden of carrying pain and the relentless longing for genuine connection. Countless nights were spent contemplating: “Why do I feel like the odd one out?” or “How can I unearth my purpose amidst this beautifully chaotic world?” But today, I stand unapologetically true to myself, dancing to the rhythm of my multifaceted mission.



Guiding you to let you lead to Your North Star

Pouring my heart and soul into every endeavor, I’ve walked a path I never wish to revisit. I understand the depths of your struggles, and I offer you a sacred space to shed the layers and embrace your authentic self.

Armed with mastery over transformative tools and systems, I am here to guide you towards a life of unwavering fulfilment. The radiant light you seek already resides within you—it shines brightly within us all.

Discover the Compass of your Soul
Let me lovingly take you outside of your comfort zone. How do you want to feel? What will your vision board look like? Where does this longing come from? Why do you sometimes feel so alone? Why do you want to take that next step? Once you discover the Compass that will guide you to practical and heartfelt solutions, your path will become much clearer. You will feel excited about the future!

You’re ready to take the next step.
Unleash your Super Power, start living your essence and experience more joy in life!
I love to support women just like you to discover who you truely are. A lot of Joy and Shadow too. The journey ahead we will take together and it starts with a single step.

My TEDx talk “How to connect to your True Self”

This is my story of becoming, my heartbreak that changed the course of my life. I feel honoured being asked to share this to a bigger audience on the world renown red dot of TEDx Stage. Press play below to watch: