Hey, I'm Jenn

Mrs. Happiness

Mrs. Happiness

Being a Seeker

For years I have been seeking the answers to profound life questions:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my mission and my life purpose?

Oh, I felt so lost in all that is taught by guru’s or self-proclaimed guru’s or not so guru’s, what to follow, what to do?! Live so and so, breathe that way, follow this regime, stop eating this, quiet your mind and the best advice:

“Let it go!” 

Really? Just let it go? That is it??? But can just somebody tell me HOW TO DO THAT for F%$# sake??

It seemed like everybody had found their way and rhythm in this life or they just were surviving in that endless cycle of sleep, eat, work and entertainment. I just could not …

This can NOT be it? There must be more to life then this??

Now I can say I Love my Life
I also love penguins, high heels, skiing  and glitter. I’ve worked and travelled around the world, I’m a Certified Coach and Trainer, NLP Master, International Speaker, Solopreneur and fully fledged Joy Junkie. These days it’s easy to run yourself into the ground while chasing goals that will never make you truly happy. That’s exactly what happened to me.

On the Surface, Everything was Perfect
I had the perfect life: a longtime relationship, an International job, big lease Volvo, an amazing house and garden with a dog – complete with the white picket fence.
But my soul was aching for something else. I was a shadow of myself. My burning passions and desires flatlined even after achieving everything that was expected of me. I wanted to shine and sparkle but I didn’t know how.


The Heartbreak that Transformed my Life

For the first time, I am sharing that I lost my baby 11 years ago. His name is Liam. I’m telling you this because I want you to know that when you are suffering, you are not alone. There is magic in everything that happens, even though it does not feel that way yet. You will be happy again, you might just need a helping hand to imagine it and experience joy again.

Your Scars are your Story
They are a gift – even if you can’t see it right now. I understand how it feels to carry pain, and to long for connection. I would lie awake at night thinking – “Why am I the odd one out?” or “How can I find my purpose in this crazy world?” Now I am unapologetic about who I am and I dance in my multi passionate mission.

That’s Why I can help you find your North Star
I put my heart and soul into what I do. I’ve been in a place that I never want to go back to. I know how it feels and I can offer the sacred space where you can open up and stop hiding.


I’ve mastered the tools and systems to guide you to a life of fulfillment. The light is already inside of you, it is inside of all of us.

Discover the Compass of your Soul
Let me lovingly take you outside of your comfort zone. How do you want to feel? What will your vision board look like? Where does this longing come from? Why do you sometimes feel so alone? Why do you want to take that next step? Once you discover the Compass that will guide you to practical and heartfelt solutions, your path will become much clearer. You will feel excited about the future!

You’re ready to take the next step.
Unleash your Super Power, start living your essence and experience more joy in life!
I love to support women just like you to discover who you truely are. A lot of Joy and Shadow too. The journey ahead we will take together and it starts with a single step.

I am not your Guru

Since I was a little girl, I knew there is more between heaven and earth, there is energie and magic that is invisible to most. Being in contact with the non physical is normal and easy for me and scary at the same time. No, not scary because of the energy, but scary, because most humans react with doubt and fear, when I mentioned that I see souls. So I decided to hide and not talk about it for a very long time.

Yes, for decades I hid it away and the strength of energetic connection kept growing  and the messages got clearer. Not only from the passed loved ones, but mainly from the living souls. Yes I can see and hear your soul. 

“Jenn, that is a gift!” Well yes, and may I remind you that you have a gift too?! I am not your Guru.

We all have a gift, a special gift that only you have. Follow your gut feeling, your 6th sense and your intuition. Follow the magic. Uncover your Genius Gift! Discover you!

That is your light. GO Shine your light, as bright and as magnificent as you can, to be who you truly are.

Get to know me

Totally random things about Jenn

FreeRiding Skiing

The freedom being in the mountains, the creaking of the fresh snow underneath me, the sharpness of the frosty air in my lungs, looking down over the virgin powder ready to be conquered. This is my kind of heaven. #pow


These ladies keep me sane, keep me aligned and remind me that I am on the right track. Find your tribe and love them hard! This is my Sisterhood. #birthdayluncheon

Nail Polish is da Bomb

Admitting to my nail-polish fetish here. The best have loads of  sparkles in it and yes I do use different colours on different fingers. Oh, Life in colour is way more fun.

I burn food to a crisp

Looove food, specially spicy and Asian and anything new I have not tried yet and I enjoy my choice for going vegan 5 years ago. Cooking is just not my forte and I am known for letting spagetti catch on fire. My advise to you, run when I invite you for dinner or better even, cook for me 🙂

Giving back- Tony Tribe

I have been a Tony Robbins Fan since the 90’s and  I have not only attend his seminars but am now proud to be a crew member and serve the participants from behind the scene. It is such a joy to be in this tribe of outstanding humans. Wow Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Australia, count me in.

Nomade Life

I love to travel and experience different cultures trough food and eat, eat, eat, try, taste, sip, slurp, munch and nibble. Even did a stopover in Shanghai just to experience noodlesoup.

International Speaker

Hey, I am Mrs Happiness
rocking the stage with Lifehacks for Happiness and Succes in Life and Business, for over 10 years. Ranging from workshops to seminars, speeches, talks, panel-member, full-on training session.
See my TEDx talk “Connect to your true self” below and since 2018 Speaker Coach for TEDx Amsterdam.
The one thing that brings instant connection for us and is multilingual is:  A Smile. 🙂
Let’s bring more Joy & Happiness to every part of our lives.