My Takeaways UPW 2023 live event

For the first time in 4 years a live Tony event happend in July 2023 in Birmingham: UPW – Unleash the Power Within  is a 4 day life-changing experience. It compares to no other event in terms of uplifting energy, range of teaching presented and easy adapability into your own life.

In this Masterclass I will share what I have learned attending 5 UPW events. Pass on the Magic, show you how I implemented his Success Formula into my life and business, what I do now to change my State and more to give your own life that extra infusion. 

Masterclass: My TakeAways at Tony’s UPW

In this 3,5 hour Masterclass I will share with you the most important teachings I got from Tony at UPW. As I have been joining UPW since 2012 and working behind the scenes for the big man for the past 5 years, I got an incredible amount of insight. I’d love to share that with you now as the next UPW will be in Cologne 2024, and there are so many teachings you can start to implement as of today:

* Find out what has been holding you back

* Learn how to implement the Success formula

* How to instantly change your mindset and get into a powerful positive mentality

* Find out who you really are and learn how you can change yourself to create your DreamLife 

I am so looking forward in sharing these insights with you, that have changed my life. 

Participating at UPW is a minimum cost of €2000.- for a ticket alone and at least another €3000.- for accommodation and travel expenses, depending on where you travel from. This Masterclass is an investment of only €97,- giving you a full Tony download. I will only give these Masterclasses at these dates. So this is your chance! 🙂 

Tony: “When would NOW be a good time?” 

Choose your date:

Special Add-On to the Masterclass: Half hour AMA (Ask Me Anything) 

Following the 3,5 hour Masterclass on My Tony Takeaway’s on UPW, I am adding an extra half hour of Ask me Anything. Fire away with your questions on anything Tony, the teachings, my crewing experience, how to become a crew member or the UPW event itself. Hit me with all your questions. I am here for you. 

Tony: “Who you spend time with is who you become”

Meet Jenn

Throughout more then a decade Jenn became the first Happiness Coach in The Netherlands, fueled by her experience at her first UPW 2012 in London. After that she consecutively took hundreds to the UPW events, especially ladies that did not want to go alone. Resulting in RockChicks on Tour, with follow up meetings and inspirational speaker events. All of this earned her the name Mrs. Happiness. As of 2017 she joined the Tony Robbins Crew and has travelled internationally for that. 

Mrs. Happiness
She’s a fearless rebel teacher, ready to lead you to the essence of life. Over decades she has walked the spiritual realms and she knows them as well as her back-pocket. When you turn to her for guidance, brace yourself for unfiltered truth and no-nonsense advice. She is here to offer genuine, heartfelt support. But let me tell you, her love and warmth is her secret sauce that makes her kick-in-the-butt approach feel like a warm embrace.