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Energizer Events


Inspirational Coffee

It is a Dutch tradition to ask for a coffee to connect and to “pick each others brain”. Now you can pick my brain and ask me anything. Check here for an online coffee date:


Live SoulTalk Events

Reconnect with your soul during this evening while listening to the messages that are here for you. This is a SoulTalk and in this case will take place on location, These differ every time, ranging from an island to on an old manor house.    Wanna join? 

Choco &KAP Ceremony

Chocolate is a sacred and unique way to re-connect to your heart and soul. It is rekindling self-love, self-acceptance and joy for life. A true heart-opener. Recently combined with KAP for even more intens results.

Held in an intimate group setting in different locations in the Netherlands.  

‘It is within you, that you seek – Rumi’