Introducing Elevate: 10 Days to Transform Your Life and Business

17th of April – 26th of April 2024

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation? Are you seeking spiritual guidance and support to let go of old patterns and elevate your life and business to new heights? Elevate! The revolutionary online coaching program designed to empower you with the tools, insights, and mindset shifts necessary for your personal and professional growth.

We understand that true success goes beyond financial achievements. It encompasses a deep sense of fullfillment, purpose, and spiritual alignment. That’s why our 10-day online coaching program goes beyond surface-level strategies and dives deep into the core of who you are, helping you unleash your full potential and create a life and business that truly reflects your innermost desires.


Here’s what you can expect from Elevate:

  1. Discover your purpose and align with what truly matters to you.
  2. Let go of beliefs that hold you back and stop sabotaging yourself.
  3. Develop a stronger sense of intuition and trust your inner wisdom.
  4. Get more done in less time by improving your productivity skills.
  5. Create an authentic personal brand and attract the right people to your business.
  6. Improve your relationships and handle emotions more effectively.
  7. Grow your business sustainably and have a greater impact in your industry.

10 Days to Transform Your Life and Business

  • Daily Online Masterclass
  • Easy Lifehacks and Powerful Tools to Elevate
  • Workbook with all Notes (and yes it is printable too πŸ˜‰ )
  • All available on a members-only platform
  • And so many more extra’s
Join the Magic

Throughout this 10 full-on online course, you’ll be guided by Jenn

Meet Jenn
She’s a fearless rebel teacher, ready to lead you to the essence of life. When you turn to her for guidance, brace yourself for unfiltered truth and no-nonsense advice. She’s here to offer genuine, heartfelt support. Her love and warmth are the secret sauce that make her kick-in-the-butt approach feel like a warm embrace.


Ignite Your Inner Power, Crush Your Limitations, and Create the Life You Love

Hey, dreamer! You’ve got fire in your belly, big dreams in your heart, and you’re ready to make some serious moves. It’s like there’s a force within you that’s just itching to burst out and change the game.

But here’s the thing – sometimes that power feels elusive, like it’s playing hide-and-seek with you. You’ve done the soul-searching, read the books, and dabbled in meditation, coaching, and yoga. And while those practices have brought you valuable insights, you know deep down that the breakthrough you’re craving will come in a different way. You can feel it in your bones.

That’s where Elevate comes in, my darling. It’s not just another program – it’s a transformative experience that’ll help you unleash your inner powerhouse and manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of.

In Elevate, we’re going to dive deep and discover the golden key that unlocks your true potential. No more playing small or settling for less. We’ll crush those limitations, break free from the status quo, and step into the fearless, unstoppable version of you.

Through powerful strategies, mindset shifts, and actionable steps, you will tap into your intuition like never before. Get ready to embrace your unique gifts, talents, and passions, and turn them into a thriving, purpose-driven life that lights you up from the inside out.

And here’s the best part – you won’t be doing this alone. Elevate is a vibrant community of like-minded dreamers and doers, all cheering each other on as we rise together. You’ll have access to ongoing support, mentorship, and exclusive resources, because we believe that success is even sweeter when we lift each other up.

So, my fellow trailblazer, are you ready to elevate your life? If you’re tired of waiting for the perfect moment and ready to take charge of your destiny, join us in Elevate and let’s make magic happen.

It’s your time to shine, and I can’t wait to witness your extraordinary journey.

With love and fierce determination,


How It Works

10 day full-on-Joy Online Course
English edition:
Starting 17th of April till 26th6 of April
Your Investment: €77.-


Live Online Masterclasses

10 consecutive Masterclass are given live during the Elevate course. Every day atΒ  8 PM (GMT+1/ Amsterdam Time) the Masterclass starts for the duration of 1 hour. During these LIVE Masterclasses, we cover all aspects of Elevate.



All Masterclasses will be recorded and will be posted on the members-only platform within the day. For those who might have missed the Masterclass or wish to rewatch or re-binge πŸ™‚Β 



At the end of three Masterclass, we will add half an hour, so Jenn can answer all your questions Live. The questions can be sent by e-mail beforehand or they can be submitted by participants of the Masterclass itself Live.



Every piece of content and all that we share is exclusively available in on a members-only platform. And it will stay available so you can re-watch and re-binge if you like.


The Tribe

The force of a group is an enhancing power on its own. While one shifts, the other is elevated too. Growth shared is another cherry on top. Feel what like-minded people can create together.Β 


Unlock it all

Ready to unlock the secrets to elevate all aspects of your life? Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey that will transform your life. Click the button below to register now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Elevate start?

The first day will be on the 17th of April until the 26th of April 2024. Just in time to elevate all the ideas and inspirations you had before the summer starts.

Or if you want to join the next Dutch edition. That starts 17th of April until the 26th of April 2024 here


How much study time do I need to set aside?

We did not add any homework to Elevate. But some might evolve from the teachings, but will be limited to under one hour during the whole Elevate periode. Then again, the more you put in, the more it will return for you. ROI it is πŸ™‚

What if I can not join the Live Masterclasses

Not to worry darling, I have got you covered. All Masterclasses are recorded and you will be able to watch them within the Members-only platform within the day.

Can I ask Jenn Questions directly during Elevate?

Yes of course you can. Just after the Live Masterclass of the 21st, 24th and 26th of april, there is a dedicated extra half hour where you can ask any and all questions that might rise. Jenn is happy to answer them all for you.Β 

What is included?

10 Masterclasses, 3 half hour online Question-answering moments, an online Workbook, and knowing Jenn loads of extra’s. Just bring your drink of choice at 8PM (GMT+1/ Amsterdam Time) and we Elevate.

What does Elevate cost?

A very good question, and the answer is €77.- (incl VAT) for all 10-days of the Elevate Program, incl. the Workbook, members-only platform and many more extras to come.