Coming Home

Remembering your true femininity and the power it provides

Coming Home

 This event is a sacred space to open up to your true femininity. Feel the power it provides and the depth of strength that is rekindled. It helps to wake, heal and uncover the pain we carry inside of us, leading to self-love, self-acceptance and joy for life. Coming home to who you are.

This collaboration of three healers takes you on a journey through sound, body work and soul exploration, to rediscover your inner strength, so you can step into your future with confidence and knowing your path.  

The Power of Three

Bringing together the power of three: Sound, Body and Soul, it is an instant connection and remembering who you truly are. Working with all three in one day brings a gradual journey into the layers of our being. 

Unveiling whatever needs to be heard and seen, to open and release. 

This event is designed to open our hearts gently and with ease. We are honoured to hold space and to support you in this journey of love and rediscovery.

We are looking forward to welcome you.

Rianne, Jenn & Brigitte

Your support team

This event is organised by Rianne Baak, Jennifer van Balkom and Brigitte Krüger. Together we are a strong team with decades of experience working in the field of energy and support. We discovered our mutual love for the amazing abilities of Energy Work and are excited to join forces to let you discover and enjoy what it can do for you.

Jennifer van Balkom 

Energy Coach, Happiness Expert and exploring LifeMission with SoulWork for over a decade now. She is the grounding factor for the event and brings the unconditional support energy.

Brigitte Krüger

Sound Healing nomade for over 2 decades, with deep experience in working with everything energy and frequency. She brings the high flying Joy and deep cleanse to the sessions with her voice and instruments. 

Rianne Baak

Bodywork is the transformation of emotions through and with the physical body. She is the keeper of the secrets in this ancient form of support. Profound studies and years of experience, Rianne is the go to expert in body alignement.


The Moon’s Farm in the vicinity of Noordwijk is our chosen location for this event and we are excited to join this wonderful energy field on this day. You will receive an e-mail beforehand with all the details.


What to bring

All that is needed for the journey is provided for you. Yoga mats and meditation cushions, all refreshments, a light lunch and a hearty snack at the end of the day. As well as water, tea and drinks are provided. Feel free to bring your favourite items you would like to include for your own comfort, such as your beloved pillow or a notebook for your personal journaling. Even your teddy is so very welcome, whatever you need. 


welcome ‘Coming Home’
What you can expect

Healing Sound

Everything is frequency and frequency equals sound. Thus a flower has a frequency so has every single human cell. Even the stars and planets ‘sound’ in their own unique tone. Instruments such as Gong’s are tuned to these frequencies and our voice is capable to go into resonance with these frequencies too.

Coming Home

Every time we use our voices, we send our energetic imprint out into the universe and to the people around us.

Voice Activation

We believe that the human voice is the most important healing instrument. By releasing our trapped emotions through sound we give way to self expression. The throat chakra is known to be the center of manifestation. The more our own voice comes to life, the more we live in our own truth and power.

Body Work

 We believe experiencing the body is an exciting journey. Guided by the anatomy of your body, conscious movements and dancing, it brings you from the outside inwards. Exploring what wants to be felt, we joyfully activate, integrate and release stuck emotions in our muscles, bones and blood.
Life force ready to flow through our veins again. 

Soul Work

The keeper of your LifeMission is your Soul, as she carries the blue print of who you are and what you are here to voice and activate in this lifetime. Finding just that is closer than your mind can perceive. Follow the whispers of your soul and reconnect to your truth.

It is time to speak aloud. 


Choose you

You are taking responsibility for your own life and you are ready to take the next step to level up your life. Then this is your sign darling. 

Ready to explore your voice and find out what it can do for you… and what your voice can mean for others?

Ignite and expand that fire of passion inside you. We are ready for you!


Details’Coming home’
How it works


On the Moon’s Farm there is plenty of parking space. You are welcome to come by car, or share a car for a joyous start.

By public transport choose the train station Sassenheim and the bus 385 to Noordwijkerhoek to complete with a 8 min walk.


The amazing Moon’s Farm is our home for this day retreat and we feel honoured to hold it here. The beautiful and serene energy brings the perfect setting to the day we have planned for you. 

Leeweg 14 in Noordwijk


On Saturday 2nd of October you are welcome as of 9AM. We will start at 09:30 AM. We will round off at around 5PM. 

Please be on time, so you allow yourself to arrive fully before Coming Home. 😉  



What to bring?

Dress most comfortable in clothes you can move in easily. Bring any additional bedding and items to your liking, as well as a water bottle.

Refreshments and tea will be served throughout the day. 


For this day retreat, including tea, refreshments, yogamats, parking, materials and lunch&snacks:

€333.- per person 

Be advised!
Limited amount of places available so first come first serve.


Yes of course there will be a lunch and snacks and refreshments and you will be taken care of all day. 

If you have any allergies or food-intolerance, please let us know and we will assist as best as we can.