inspirational coffee

What is your question?

It is a Dutch tradition to ask for a coffee to connect and to “pick each others brain”. I love traditions and I love to help, but honestly this tradition is a bit off balace for me. Being asked questions, I am happy to answer and then being expected to return the questions, even though I did not request the coffee date. Double time and it feels off centred and costs so much more energy.

So why not make optimum use of the time, the effort and I am still happy to help: I invented the Inspirational Coffee.


ask away

Let’s have coffee

A full 1,5 hours I am all yours. Ask away! I will bring my 11 years entrepreneurship to the table, speakership, TEDx experience and a packed Rolodex. 

* Do you want to bring your speech to the next level?

* Want to know everything about giving a TED-talk?

* How to run a team of 14 people and be a solo-preneur, while travelling the world.

* #howto ask away. 


inspirational coffee 
How It Works

One-time coffee session online or in Real-Life in Amsterdam

You will have excess to my kalender and book our coffee date to your convenience. Next we will meet, live or online, and both work equally well. I will send you a list to prepare and then we can start. 1,5 hours I am all yours. 

 Your investment in an inspirational coffee is € 250.- (ex.VAT)