Chocolate Journey

by Jenn & Brigitte
Welcome to your Chocolate journey

Group&Private Ceremonies

 Chocolate is a sacred and unique way to re-connect to your heart and soul. During a Chocolate ceremonie your deeper layers are explored, which can guide you to your life purpose and your mission. It helps to wake, heal and uncover the pain we carry inside of us. It is rekindling self-love, self-acceptance and joy for life. 

 Chocolate, opens your heart, brings peace with your past to rediscover your inner strength, so you can step into your future with confidence and knowing your path.  

The Cacao Effect

Cacao is considered sacred in many different cultures around the world. Brewed and drank during special gatherings. It feels like Centuries of wisdom come together in this small cacao bean, shared with you through the lady of cacao, as she takes you by the hand and shows you the way to your heart.

Sharing the joy of cacao and the sacred journey she has in store for you, feels very special to us. Cacao is here to open our hearts gently and with ease. We are here to support you in this journey of joy.

Enjoy exploring all the possibilities and information below. We are looking forward to welcome you. 

Choose your chocolate journey

Cacao HeartBeat Ceremony 

During this ceremony you will enjoy the power of Cacao, brewed especially for the ceremony of the day. The Cacao will be your guide to opening your heart.

This ceremony is accompanied by music and sweet tones of Sound Healing to experience a deeper level.

This is the gentlest of our ceremonies. It is held during an afternoon for up to 4 hours in total and held in a small group and accompanied by our experienced team.

Chocolate Heights Journey

In this journey the chocolate is infused with plant-medicine. A sacred mix of spices, including cinnamon, cloves, basil and more. This will give you a deeper ride into opening your heart, ready to experience what else life has in store for you. 

This journey includes Shamanic Sound Healing, an ancient practice of recalibrating your body to your personal path. 

This is an intenser journey. It is held in the evening and through out the night, so an overnight stay is included.  Conducted in a small group setting and accompanied by our experienced team.

Private Ceremony 

If you want to experience your own private journey, then this is for you. In a discreet and secluded setting, the Cacao HeartBeat or Chocolate Heights is prepared and guided just for you and/or your partner.

We will prepare the perfect space for you to enjoy and be supported on your private journey. All in your own time.

Your support team

These ceremonies are accompanied by Jennifer van Balkom and Brigitte Krüger. Together we are a duo with decades of experience working in the field of energy and support. We discovered our mutual love for the amazing abilities of Cacao and are excited to join forces to let you discover and enjoy what Cacao can do for you.

Energy Coach and Happiness Trainer and on her own personal development journey over two decades. She is the grounding factor for the Ceremonies and brings the unconditional support energy.

Jennifer van Balkom 

Sound Healing nomade for over 2 decades, with deep experience in working with everything energy and frequency. She brings the high flying Joy and deep cleanse to the sessions with her instruments. 

Brigitte Krüger


All journeys are set within a home like environment, depending on the size of the group. The setting ranges from a lodge in the woods to Jenn’s own appartement in Amsterdam.


What to bring

All that is needed for the journey is provided for you. Fresh bedding, all refreshments and a light meal at the end of the ceremony (incl. breakfast in the morning after the Choco Heights Journey). As well as water, tea and drinks are provided. Feel free to bring your favourite items you would like to include for your own comfort, such as your beloved pillow or your notebook for your personal journaling. You will receive an e-mail beforehand with all the details.



Cacao HeartBeat Ceremony is €120.- p.p.

Chocolate Heights Journey is €350.- p.p. (incl. overnight stay)

Private Session Chocolate Heights for one €700.- and for partners €550.- p.p.



Before joining a Cacao Ceremony or a Chocolate Journey, a periode of preparation and fasting is required to feel the full effect and get the most out of the ceremony. All details will be provided in pre-ceremonie e-mails and information.

Remember that a journey like this is taken by those who are called by the Cacao and who are willing to take responsibility for their path.  When you are ready to take the next step and work on yourself to heal and step into your future, then this is your call.

Come and join us:

Upcoming Dates 


Full Moon – Choco Heights Journey – 24th of July in Amsterdam – fully booked

Cacao HeartBeat Ceremony –  8th of August in Leiden –  fully booked

Choco Heights Journey – 28th of August in Amsterdam – fully booked

Choco Heights Journey – 6th of November in Amsterdam

Choco Heights Journey –  27th of November in Amsterdam – fully booked

Choco Heights Journey –  22nd of January 2022 in Amsterdam – only 3 still available 

Choco Heights Journey –  26th of February 2022 in Amsterdam

Open up

You are ready to explore what is hidden inside of you, as you have always felt that there is more to it. And now is the time to find out.

Reconnect to your Heart

It is time to find your heart, to reconnect to your heart and to feel your heart to its fullest again. Feeling your connection to your heart is feeling yourself again at its deepest level.  



Enjoying Cacao or Chocolate will give you a gentle ride, compared to Ayahuasca, which is known to make you unwell and even vomit. On top of it, it is enriched with extra spices like cinnamon, cloves etc., which make the Cacao extra tasty.



The journey is different for everyone, but the time you will experience will be way shorter then what it is in real time. 


Going on a journey with Chocolate can bring you new ideas, brainwaves, insights and it is said even compleet businessplans on future endevours. 

Choose you

You are taking responsibility for your own life and you are ready to take the next step to level up your life. Then this is your sign darling.