My Tony Robbins Challenge

How I made €1500 in one weekend to pay for my first UPW ticket.

I have been a Tony Robbins fan for years and he was coming to London and I really really wanted to go. It was a €500 super discount ticket and a flight and accommodation and food/sightseeing… so I needed a minimum of €1500. At that time I had nothing in my bankaccount. And I had just started my own business at the time, so next to no income.

I could have said, naaahh this one is not for me me, I will wait and save up for next time…

Mhhh no! ‘Challenge accepted’ is my motto, so lets’s go and this is how it went:

Quick Money
Just to get me started I checked all my coats and jackets for loose change. €1,15. Where else can I find loose change? My car, so I checked under the seat and the console… €2,35. Ah my handbags and purses. I raided my cupboard and found €15,11, as well as a lipstick I thought was lost, loads of receipts and old tissues.. gross… Checked under the cushions of my couch and found €0,25, then took out the vacuum because again… gross…
Tony vs Jenn: €1481,14 : €18,86

Return to sender
Went back to my closet and checked for clothing items that still had labels on them. Yes it happens to us all and it is okay. This was the moment to make use of it, so I pulled that and selected which I could return, wrapped them up, print shipping label and put it in a box by the door to drop off at the postoffice later. Score €22,- and another €17,50 that had to be returned to the store in person. All other items were over the due date, so put them in a pile in the living room for later.
That one dress I bought for an up coming wedding, well heck I am going to wear a dress I have previously worn. Priorities right? 🙂 So here is another €120e that I wrapped up to be shipped. YES!
What else can I return? Ah yes deposit on my empty bottles. Quick tally €2,25 not much, but hey, in the box by the door.
Tony vs Jenn €1319,39: €180,61

The Big Sale
Okay we are getting somewhere, let’s get to that pile with clothes with tags on… ebay it is baby! Cleared my wall, dressed the item on a hanger, took a bunch of photos and flicked it online. Quick research on the pricing and go! (the Dutch version is Marktplaats or nowadays I would use Vinted for the clothes) 1,5 hours later and a potential of €322,- as I had pulled more clothes that I was not wearing and decided to sell. Yes, even those without tags and worn are worth money. Awesome!
I got the hang of it and looked around my apartment: Why do I need five coffee tables? Quick wipe, photo and Ebay! A pasta-making machine I have not used in ages, wipe, photo, ebay. A set of mugs, a spare drying rack, 4 cushions, a hair iron thingy, a spare hairdryer, a set of vitamin pills, 2 vases and a set of candleholders. Wipe, photo, ebay! Potential profit €172,- and I was on a roll… off to the garage!
Found more items I had not used in ages: a lawncricket set (no idea where that one came from) a stack of books, a beach umbrella, a spare coolbox and a campingchair. Dragged them upstairs and repeat the wipe, photo, ebay. €40 potentially… and PING! First sale on ebay: a dress was sold. Oh that was quick! Printed the shipping label, wrapped it up and put it in the box by the door. Potential € 534.- Now sold: €40
Tony vs Jenn €1279,39:€220,61

Coupons and vouchers
Decided to rummage in all drawers and cupboards to find items I did not need anymore or was willing to sell. Found a stack of giftvouchers for a local shop, a bookstore and Amazon/ Brilliant. Wipe, photo, Ebay. These are money too, so why not?! Potential €55.- as I offered the vouchers for just under the face value.
In the kitchen I remembered a stack of stamps, no not the postage ones. In The Netherlands, you can buy stamps from your local supermarket as an investment, when you have enough stamps to fill a booklet, you get a 3%interestrate. Yep here is another €17.- Into the box it goes.
Tony vs Jenn €1262,39:€237,61

Scrappy stuff
While sorting through my stuff in the garage, I found that broken appliance I had replaced a year ago. Why did I keep that? A long extension cord that had died, some more scrap metal thingies and a bunch of chargers that had split at the end. I am a daughter of a scrapyard owner, so I know that is worth some money. Googled the closest scrapyard and made other box for broken metal thingies. Potential € unknown.

Books, books, books
Looked at the stack of books I brought in from the garage. Yes sellable, so  what other books could I find? Decluttered my bookshelves and nightstand… 22 books in total, average resell price €10.-, yes a potential €220.- now we are getting somewhere.
As I remembered I had a reseller account on (a Dutch equivalent to Amazon) I entered the ISBN code and book title and voila store filled and ready to sell.
Within minutes.. PING €27.- for two books. Quick wrap, sending label printed and into the box. Woohoo.
Tony vs Jenn €1245,39:€264,61

Selling my stockpile
I am one of those girls that always has a spare of anything. Selling my spare tins of tuna would not get me much closer to my goal, I checked out the bigger items: my collection of Cacao. Yes I am a fan of cacao and keep big slaps of different brands in the house. I selected the still sealed slaps, took a picture and send it to my friend who is a cacao lover too. Explained my mission and she bought the whole stack €120.- Also had some spare incense and palo santo which was another €35.- thank you my friend!
Tony vs Jenn €1090,39:€399,61

Friends to the rescue
Selling items to my friends gave me an idea. I could sell services that I am good at and that they needed. I was raised in a traditional German household, so I know how to clean, wash and iron. I am good at it and I secretly enjoy it too. So why not?!
Rang my best friend, explained my mission and asked if she needed some housework done. “YES Jenn, totally! Love your attitude! Can I buy 10 hours of you? And I pay upfront so you can by your Tony ticket!” Great! €200.- And we arranged the first cleaning date.
The next friend was excited and said “Jenn do you dogsit?” OMG yes! Sold 5 days for €100.- and that got me into dogsitting, what I still do to this day.
And more hours sold to other friends for badysitting, ironing work and cleaning out a fishpond (that was actually the most fun project I got to do) with all dates set and €350.- wired to my that same day.
Also made a poster offering my services to my neighbors in the apartment building. If you don’t ask, the answer is always No. So off I went with stickytape to hang the poster in the elevator.
Tony vs Jenn €440,39:€1049,61

Back to the Bar
My background is in Hotel business. Studied Hotelschool in The Hague and therefore always had had jobs in the industry. Bar work and serving in a restaurant comes as second nature to me. So to get that last €440, I hopped on a bike and dropped by my fav restaurants and bars in the area. I stepped in a asked if they were hiring. One of the was and was offering me to start the shift the next day. Payment in cash €80.- Awesome I take that! Hard but honest work and I just love it, so yes to that!
Then rang a friend that owns a bar in town and explained my mission. He too loved it and said: “Jenn when you are behind the bar, my revenue goes up 15%, so you are welcome anytime!” He wired me €500.- as a prepay for working behind his bar in to be determined hours in the next months.
Tony vs Jenn -€139,61:€1629,61

Mission accomplished!
Tony here I come, with a spare of €139,61, and a potential extra € in the next weeks coming in from ebay, and the scrapyard, as well as more dogsitting. I love it! This was a successful weekend!

How much do you want to make for your “challenge excepted”?