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Bring back your Magic
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Let’s unleash You!

A life in which you discover and express your full potential. A life without holding yourself back. A life where you unleash yourself to make that impact you know you are here for. Your life ready to full-fill your mission and leave a freakin’ legacy. YOUR life, can you feel it?

I’ve got your back, let’s bring back the magic! 


Mrs. Happiness

Is this You?

* The Feeling that there is a bigger plan but you cannot put your finger on what it is yet.

* Knowing that there is more inside you, but you do not know how to get it out.

* The Anxiousness of a rubber band on full tension, if you stop moving you will catapult back.

* There is so much noise, and you long for the calm and serenity, not just a set of noise-cancelling headphones.

* You make decisions based on what’s expected, but actually you really want put your own stamp on in it.

* You see the finish line in front of you, but you just can’t get over the threshold.

Let's bring back the magic
Bring back your Magic

My Signature Offers

Private SoulTalk

Check in on a specific question or situation you are experiencing. Or eliminate and dissolve whatever is holding you back. Release your old patterns. Reconnect to your SoulPurpose and feel what you are here to do. Unleash you! 

During the Private SoulTalk, I check into your energy and help you navigate the situation and/or give you answers you need to continue. 


Speaker & Trainer

Bringing Joy & Happiness into businesses across the world. With simple LifeHacks and full-on Energy to get you and your business to the next level with Ease and Joy!

Check my TEDx Talk for inspiration or go to my speaker page for more info.

-Trailblazer Academy - Unleash the Magic into your Business

An exclusive 3-month group program. For ladies only, to become the woman who you are meant to be. By rekindling your magic and the powerful life force you have inside you.  Releasing everything that has been holding you back to create life on your terms.

Sign up for the early-bird here: 

 Upcoming Events 

SoulTalk Events

These are my favourites: soulreadings in a groups setting.

21rd of December – WinterSolstice
18th of January in Nederhorst den Berg
19th of January in Weesp
5th of February in Bussum – Full Moon
7th of March in Bussum – Full Moon
6th of April in Bussum – Full Moon
20th of April in Weesp – New Moon
5th of May in Bussum – Full Moon



Client Love


“The life questions, you might think no one understands, those are the questions for Jenn. With a good dose of down to earth humor, we connected on a different level, so I could find the insights I needed to go on. It feels liberating to have finally gotten my answers and the insights I so longed for.
Jenn is your one-stop shop to solve your seemingly unsolveable riddles.“

Esra Colastica – Owner Results X-factor
Curacao, Dutch Antilles

“We had a deep connection within minutes. Her personality, her ability to share many inspiring and empowering moments and her ‘happy Jen’ magnetically lit up my world. I would encourage you to connect with your life purpose and if Jen is to be part of that journey then you will be in wonderful hands. Being rewarded with encouragements that reminded me that all souls know a good thing when they ‘feel’ it. Thank you for your supportive leadership Jenn, look forward to connecting again soon.”

Alleen Gibson
Mangawhai, New-Zealand



“Meeting this lady changed my life. I refound my sense of purpose, my lingerie shop is blooming now in the third generation and I feel my inner strength every day. If you do anything, than work with Jenn, get her in your life and your life will change for the better. It hs for me on so many levels. Forever grateful.”

Anne De Witte
Owner of Lingerie An
Brasschaat, Belgium

‘It is within you, that you seek – Rumi’